This is the project site for “Fostering Archival Connections,” a research project led by Chris Prom and supported by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library.

The five-year project (August 2016-August 2021)  has three major goals, aligned with those suggested in the research prospectus:

  1. To evaluate, test, and implement methods, data models, and tools that can help archivists and librarians complete the essential tasks of acquiring, arranging, describing, and providing access to born-digital materials, with a particular focus on records from ‘the cloud.’
  2. To foster collaborative research by archivists, functional experts, subject librarians, and teaching faculty at the University of Illinois, to inform the design and implementation of these emergent tools.
  3. To increase collaboration and sharing between the many external standards groups and technology development projects that seek to cope with the advent of ‘cloud-based’ archival materials and records.

The project is led by Chris Prom, Andrew S. G. Turyn Professor and an archivist at the University of Illinois.

The Turyn Professorship is open to full professors at the University Library who are pursuing innovative research in any scholarly area, and this website is used as a face for the current Turyn project.