Preserving Email Report Summary

Earlier today, I provided a summary of Preserving Email, a Technology Watch Report I wrote back in 2011.  I’ll leave it to others to judge how well that report holds up, but I had the following takeaways when re-reading it:

  • Email preservation has made great strides since then.  The range of tools now available to complete email archiving work is impressive and growing.
  • The same fundamental issues still impede our ability to acquire and preserve email: namely institutional and social mistrust of the archival function.
  • Given the, ahem, high level of interest that members of the public have in email controversies, and the relatively easy ways in which even public figures survive the disclosure of information from their public email account, we should be much more aggressive in acquiring and preserving email.  We really have nothing to lose.

While it may be of no use to anyone other than me, you can find a summary of my report here:

And the original report is found at: